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How to Make Your Facebook Cover Photo a Video


    Getting Facebook Cover Photos HD

    Here’s your source for some of the best cover photos for facebook. You can use them for free.

    what are some good cover photos for facebook

    This is a truly unique facebook cover I created myself – grabs attention, right? Video is even better.

    But wait!

    Everyone else is using them (well, they’re free right!) and they are just… stills.

    And what Facebook’s learnt from Youtube is that video attracts people.

    And that’s what you want, right? So, to attract people you need…

    Unique Facebook Covers… With Video

    Now, for your fan page,  cute fb cover photos don’t do it anymore.

    Use video instead. Get in now and you’ll be ahead of 98% of business on Facebook.

    Your video can be up to 90 seconds long – shorter is better – around 30-60 is great.

    Which means plenty of time to show people:

    • the very best of your work
    • how your vistor can get hold of you
    • your logo or picture
    • your marketing message
    • your call to action

    (A typical Super Bowl ad is just 30 seconds – you can fit a lot into a short video!)

    Now it’s really easy to load a video into your fan page and I show you exactly how in the video just down the page.

    But first, why would you use a video?

    When a vistor lands on your page, guess what they notice first! Yep, your page’s cover. And there’s only so much you can pack into a photo. A video you can tell your brand’s story so much better. And you can fit in your logo, your contact details, and a call to action as well. You can pack much more in even a short video – a photo collage with so much in would look  impossibly cramped, and just wrong.

    how to make facebook cover video

    This is a unique Facebook cover – a video made for purpose – fits perfectly – grabs your visitors attention.

    But there’s more to it than the story you can tell.

    As Holywood, Youtube, and now Facebook know, video grabs people’s attention. So a video cover may help keep people on your page for longer. Because whatever you’re doing with your fan page – you need to grab people by the eyeballs – before they head off to your competitors.

    And for sure, there’s more chance they’ll reach out to you if your contact details and call to action are right there at the top of the page, so they don’t have to search for them! Is a video cover the answer to all your marketing needs? Well of course not. But it’s like an arms race out there. You need the latest technology.

    So your message continues to stand out.

    Exactly How to Add a Facebook Cover Video

    Livestream scheduled for March 1.

    Facebook cover image size 2018

    What you’ll have seen in the video is that, if you start from a ‘normal’ 16×9 one, you have to crop the top and bottom.

    Which can make your existing videos useless.

    The facebook cover video resolution is 820 by 312 pixels – a bit weird.

    That’s on mobile – and as you know it’s better to optimize for mobile these days.

    (Your Facebook cover photos size for pictures its 820 by 312 on desktop and 640 x 360 on mobile)

    Facebook Cover Video Examples

    These video are perfectly sized, and full of eye-catching content.

    We use photos that showcase your business and zoom and pan so that they come alive.

    Or we can add clips from your videos.

    Then we add your headlines, copy and call to action.

    You most likely already have this done and on your website – re-purposing takes you no time, and gets you a memorable cover on facebook.

    I’ll blend all of these into a video using one of my beatiful templates.

    And there’s a sound track included at no extra cost.

    So that’s how to make Facebook cover videos.

    Now you could go out get a free video editor and learn how to use it and spend time (lots of time!) making your own video.

    You could buy a really expensive video editor with even more features and spend even more time learning how to use it.

    Or you could use the discount voucher code you may have just won!

    Five Pro Tips

    Make sure your video:

    1. Works without sound – one way to do this is to make sure it’s subtitled
    2. Tells your story
    3. Features your best work
    4. Tells people how to contact you
    5. Has a strong call to action

    Why the Roulette Wheel and Big Discounts?

    Let’s face it, you could pay three times as much as my undiscounted price.

    And the discount you can win with a spin on the wheel makes your Facebook Video Header affordable – for almost any business.

    Quite frankly, though, starting a relationship with you is more important to me than money!

    And I have a process for making professional quality videos quickly – which allows me to pass on the savings to you.

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    Last words: rather than look for the best cover photos facebook, use a video instead and attract more viewers – that’s how to make your facebook cover photo a video!